WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen

WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen is invented based on combination of research and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) meridian theory, acupuncture theory, Tui-Na theory, Shiatsu theory, massage theory and modern bio-engineering technology, it is a high-tech electronic health products. It is a major breakthrough in the history of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), because it can automatically detect the acupuncture points and it can help to keep the body healthy always. Beside this, it has a multi-functional health effects, it can help to open up the meridians and improve blood and “chi” circulation.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, meridian’s functions are to transport blood and “Chi”, to communicate the organs and the whole body, and to regulate the body system. Meridian studies is another foundation for the acupuncture, Tui-Na, Shiatsu and massage, it is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen, has breakthrough the design flaws of today’s therapy device, it is more convenient to carry and to be used, it is the real "portable doctor”. You can always check your own physical condition, meanwhile, it can help to reduce pain, blood circulation, reduce fatigue, relieve stress and promote metabolism.

The benefits of using WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen

To open up the meridians and improve blood circulation.

WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen that can automatically detect acupuncture points, and then massage on the bruised parts, the bruised parts will be relieved. Therefore, the meridians become opened up and the microcirculations become smooth. After the meridians are opened up, blood and “Chi” will circulate in normal.

To activate body cells.

WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen can partly stimulate cells and tissues, especially skin surface cells. If you use WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen for long term, it can effectively stimulate partly cell activation and to achieve skin aging prevention effects.

To increase cell metabolism.

WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen is effective for open up meridians. Therefore, blood and “Chi” can circulate in normal, it helps to increase cell metabolism. When the cell metabolism is normal, cells become healthy. When cells and cell tissues become healthy, the body organs and systems will also become healthy.

To improve immunity.

WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen helps to improve cell metabolism and microcirculation, therefore, cells become healthy. When all organs regulating functions are normal, automatically immune system will become stronger.

The 5 usages of WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen

WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen has 5 types of metal head, you can choose the metal head that is suitable for you, there are including:

*Recommendation: Use for 10 minutes each time, drink a glass of 200ml healthy energy water before and after using, it helps for detoxification.

Ball head (for traditional acupuncture)

Ball head is designed to replace the use of traditional acupuncture. Apply the ball head at the appropriate acupuncture point, you can open up the meridian partly. If you feel the pain at that area, press the ball head at that area, by doing this, it will effectively reduce pain. The ball head can be used to massage the palm reflex zones, you can probe your physical health condition according to the palm reflex zones diagram. If the ball head touched to a palm reflex zone, and you feel shock or pain, it mean the reflective area indicates that that area is not healthy. You just need to massage at that reflective area, it will improve the health condition of the organs in that area.

Suitable for: elderly people, people who suffering from rheumatism, people who are poor in blood and “Chi” circulation and people who are not in good stamina.

Suggestion: level 3 to 6.

Mushroom head (for cupping massage)

Mushroom head design is effective for cupping massage. Use mushroom head and press on parts of the body which are pain or fatigue, persistently for 3-6 minutes, this type of massage cupping is effective in causing partially blood congestion phenomena, mildly destroy micro blood circulation, it help to open up the meridians and improve blood and “chi” circulation, improve the partial cell tissue metabolism, blood circulation and health recovery. When you use it for long-term, it helps blood circulation, eliminate fatigue and relieve muscle pain.

Suitable for: elderly people, housewives, people who have muscle pain.

Suggestion: level 4 to 6.

Knife head (for scraping massage)

Knife head design effective in scraping type of massage. Use the knife head to scrape gently on the skin surface, it helps for blood circulation, to melt the bruised parts, and to reduce blood viscosity. At the same time, it can improve microcirculation. When you wipe at the baffled area of the microcirculation, pressure of wiping downward will force the deposition of harmful metabolites leak out from the capillary wall, exists between the subcutaneous muscle tissue, which is what we see "Fever (sha)". As long as there are baffled area of microcirculation, capillary permeability disorder occurs, "fever(sha)" will appear after wiping at that baffled area. If baffled area of microcirculation is slight, then there will have a few red and purple “fever(sha)” spots; if the baffled area of microcirculation is serious, then there will have more dark blue and green black “fever(sha)” spots. Wiping out the “fever(sha)” would remove endotoxin, melt the braised parts, reduce blood viscosity, open up the meridians and improve microcirculation.

Suitable for: people who have insomnia, blood and “Chi” circulation are abnormal, people who are over loaded and people who have neck and shoulder ache.

Suggestion: level 4 to 6.

Rake head (for scratching the massage)

Rake head design is effective scratching style massage. Use the rake head to scratch gently on the head, it helps to open up the meridians and promote head microcirculation. Scratching type of massage can open up the meridians on the head parts, allowing you to reduce fatigue and eliminate headache, by using it, you will relax and de-stress. Man's head vertex was named as "Bai hui point (vertex transition point)", meaning that the meridians directly or indirectly connecting to the head. Use the rake head to scratch your head, it helps to open up the meridians in whole body.

Suitable for: people who have migraine, people who have hair loss and people who are over stressful.

Suggestion: level 2 to 4.

Roller head (for skin and facial massage)

Roller head design is effective for skin surface massage. Move the Roller head gently on the skin surface, you could effectively stimulate the skin cells, it helps for cell activation. You may use it for facial massage after washing the face and applying skin care products. For long-term, it helps to eliminate wrinkles, spots, blackheads and acne. At the same time, it helps the skin become healthy and beautiful. Additionally, you can also apply this product at the other skin surface of the body, using the Roller head to massage is particularly effective in eliminating stretch marks.

Suitable for: women who wish to have beauty skin, reduce stretch marks and reduce wrinkles.

Suggestion: level 1 to 3.

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