WAKi Slow Juicer

The nutritional preservation rate of traditional juicer very low. In order to retain more nutrients and freshness in fruits and vegetables, WAKi has launched slow juicer, in order to assist health-conscious people can get the real fruit juice, which is pure fruit juice. WAKi Slow Juicer is suitable for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables because it uses powerful motor, with low speed technology, and also makes the amount of juice extracted more than the amount of juice extracted by traditional juicer. The design of slow juicer is unique, allowing you to use it easily. When you have slow juicer, you also can squeeze according to your own preference of pure fruit juice at anytime.

What is healthy fruit juice?

  • Truly 100% pure fruit juice.

  • No additives.

  • Not restore from concentrate juice with added water.

  • Contain important vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Why fruit juice is very important to human’s body?

Prevent disease

Some fruit juices contain high vitamin C, and this nutrition and flavonoids in fruit juice can reduce the risk of having cancer and heart disease, and also can combat high blood pressure, depression and others.

Enhance natural energy

Drinking fruit juice is better than drinking coffee. Drink a glass of fruit juice in the morning first can help revitalize your energy within 20 minutes, because it’s already in easily digestible form.

Beauty and prevent aging

Drinking fruit juice can increase skin elasticity, prevent pigmentation and others. Fresh fruit juice is anti-oxidant that helps to prevent aging.

Nutrition supplements

Replenish body’s fluid and vitamins to enhance the body’s immune system.

What are the benefits of using WAKi Slow Juicer?

High nutritional preservation rate, retain more nutrients and flavor

High nutritional preservation rate means that you can get real fruit juice. When you drink fruit juice, you will accept nutrition such as vitamins, minerals and intravenous infusions of enzymes, because it is directly enter into your body system.

Save cost

Slow juicer can extract more juice by using small amount of fruits, this can let you save on spending and reduce waste.

Can keep for longer time

The fruit juice which is produced by slow juicer can keep in fridge for about 3 days and only drink, moreover the nutrition of fruit juice not affected.

Safe to drink

Don’t worry about the juice is sugar added or contain additives; the fruit juice that squeezed out from using WAKi Slow Juicer is safe to drink.

Convenient to drink

You can squeeze all fruits in one time, and then keep the fruit juice in fridge, so you can drink at anytime. Elderly whose teeth loss of strength or people who wear braces also can drink easily.

Unleash creativity

Create drink that belong to oneself by mixing vegetable and fruits according to own preference. Mothers also can take the opportunity to add balance nutrients into the fruit juice that makes for their children, makes them could not realize that the fruit juice contain rich nutrition of other vegetables and fruits.

Who is suitable to use WAKi Slow Juicer?

The features of WAKi Slow Juicer

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