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Since 1995, Mr. Teo Choo Guan has established the “Metrowealth International Group”. Since then, the Company has rapidly expanded its international business network, and venturing into Asia Pacific countries and Europe countries. Started from year 1995, Mr. Teo Choo Guan has been serving as Group Executive Chairman.

In year 2008, in order to restrategize in global marketing, the Company has changed all products’ brand name to "WAKi". Therefore, the Company renamed as “WAKi International Group”. Nowadays, “WAKi” has become a popular brand for health products. For expanding business blueprint,WAKi has established it’s branches and joint-venture companies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Hongkong, Japan, Korea and China. WAKi International Headquarter is located in WAKi Building, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

WAKi’s nature of business:-

  • In ASEAN countries, marketing WAKi’s brand health care products through WAKi shops and WAKi exhibitions;
  • In Hong Kong China, exporting household electrical devices to worldwide through Waki Trading company;
  • In South East Asia countries, investing commercial properties through WAKi Holdings company;
  • In Malaysia, developing housing projects through WAKi construction Company.

Not a promise, but sure!


WAKi's Vision:

Conquer South East Asia, Think Globally;
Promoting the WAKi’s excellent healthy devices to every family, towards a healthier life.

WAKi's Mission:

Bringing WAKian and WAKi’s customers, towards a better life!

WAKi's Objective:

Continuously creating values for customers.

WAKi's Brand Positioning:

WAKi = Brand of excellent healthy devices (including healthy potential devices, healthy air devices, healthy water devices, healthy massage devices and healthy electrical home appliances).

WAKi's Definition:

We believe that willingness conquers everything.
We believe that action is power.
We believe that knowledge is the essential part of success.
We believe that innovation will bring about infinite opportunities to us.

Metrowealth Song (Lyric)

Sudah banyak gunung tinggi… yang engkau daki
(You have conquered so many grim peaks)

Begitu tegar dirimu
(You are so strong)

Betapa luas samudera… yang engkau seberangi
(You have crossed over the limitless expanse of the ocean)

Sungguh perkasa dirimu
(You are so tough)

Jauh jejak langkahmu... hingga terbawa aku
(When you travel thousands of miles… still bring me along)

Dalam pesonamu... METROWEALTH
(I revel in your charm… METROWEALTH)

Terciptalah... keindahan
(Let’s create it… the most beautiful one)

Hanya bersama METROWEALTH
(I do, keep moving with METROWEALTH)

Terciptalah... kesempurnaan
(Let’s create it… the most perfect one)

Hanya bersama METROWEALTH
(I do, keep moving with METROWEALTH)

Bukan janji, tapi pasti!
(Not a promise, but sure!)

WAKi's Trademark

WAKi's Award

function   become   increase   remove   more   have   your   energy-π   therapy   from   massage   with   metabolism   water   filter   cells   healthy   muscles   people   that   circulation   room   potential   will   free   level   using   this   cell   system   negative   multi   functional   lack   electric   human   when   fatigue   high   minutes   body   helps   blood   improve   waki   suitable   skin   reduce   health   energy  

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