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WAKi Bio Energy Water System can produce Bio Energy Water which is suitable to human body. Bio Energy Water is a kind of natural water, it has hexagonal molecule that easier to be absorbed by human ...
06 July 2015
WAKi Multi Functional Health Pen is invented based on combination of research and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) meridian theory, acupuncture theory, Tui-Na theory, Shiatsu theory, ...
03 July 2015
5. WAKi Slow Juicer
The nutritional preservation rate of traditional juicer very low. In order to retain more nutrients and freshness in fruits and vegetables, WAKi has launched slow juicer, in order to assist health-conscious ...
03 July 2015
WAKi Multi Functional Massage Belt is the world's first smallest massage slimming belt that well designed for customers by Metrowealth WAKi International Group. This product applies the traditional ...
01 July 2015
The benefits after using WAKi Multi Functional Butterfly Massager: Slimming Aerobic vibration massage effectively eliminate unwanted fat on abdomen, waist, hips and other excess fat elsewhere ...
01 July 2015
What is Low/Medium Frequency Foot & Body Therapeutic Equipment? WAKi Low/Medium Frequency Foot & Body Therapeutic Equipment is intended to be used as a massager to relieve (muscle) pain, increase ...
23 December 2014
"Relaxing your feet with foot massage master!" WAKi Foot Massage Master is the unique-designed foot-massage equipment that created for people want to enjoy 360 degree of foot massaging and foot relaxation. ...
23 December 2014
...  The Features of WAKi iBoss Massage Chair Three pre-programmed massage session. Invigorating air pressure system in calves provides a total body massage. Various types of massage function ...
22 December 2014
WAKi HYDROGEN ALKALINE BIO ENERGY -π WATER SYSTEM is multi-functional health care equipment that produced by Korean Innovative Technology, based on the combination of water technology theories researched ...
19 December 2014
WAKi Multi Functional Ion Air Humidifier is multi-functional air purification and humidifier health care equipment. It was created by advanced country to produce clean and healthy air for healthy living. ...
18 December 2014
12 November 2014
12 November 2014
**Sumber: Keratan akhbar HARIAN METRO (muka 22)_Khamis 23 Oktober 2014
24 October 2014
**Sumber: Keratan akhbar HARIAN METRO (muka 22)_Rabu 15 Oktober 2014
24 October 2014
**Sumber: Keratan akhbar KOSMO (muka 52)_Selasa 14 Oktober 2014
24 October 2014
**Sumber: Keratan akhbar UTUSAN MALAYSIA (muka 6)_Selasa 14 Oktober 2014
24 October 2014
... you to enjoy your favorite music, thus achieving good relaxation both physically and mentally. The Effectiveness od WAKi Boss Massage Chair Release fatigue Relieve muscular ...
20 October 2014
"Healthy Life with Massage Chair" The top massage tool is the massage chair which is helpful to relieve the muscles spasms, and tight knots in that section of the body. Spending approximately 10-15 ...
17 October 2014
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